ФИО: Мидукова Ольга Павловна

Образование: высшее

Специальность: английский язык

Квалификация: высшая категория

Занимаемая должность: учитель школы,

руководитель ШМО учителей гуманитарного направления

Стаж работы в данной должности: 27 лет


"Personal site: for and against". Персональный сайт: за и против.

   Today is not all understand it. And tomorrow everyone will understand. But just the maximum benefit have those who have previously understood.


Today, the Web site or blog is not an attribute only the company, serious about business, this opportunity to tell the world about yourself. About their business, their interests, their family, their achievements, their dreams ....


This is an opportunity to find new partners, clients, friends and hundreds of thousands of miles away, because the Internet is no such thing as distance. The information you place on your site will be equally available in both Paris and New York, and Vladivostok, and in Shanghai ... In short, everywhere! Why not?


The answer is simple. Your blog, blog, or website is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without a break for lunch and seven days a week. And all this time, i.e. he always tells visitors about you, about your interests, about your company, your suggestions, news, and how you can be reached or leave a comment.


Internet audience today is a billion people using the network for communication, education, shopping, business and establish friendships. And that is the World Wide Web has allowed accelerating the process of finding the right information and contacts. Therefore your own site is really a good way to statements about themselves.

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